Road Transport

Road transports by Haikalis Trans S.A. weekly cover most European Union countries, while also providing routes to Eastern European countries and Turkey. Cargo loadings are made in scheduled appointments, during which our executives are in constant contact with our foreign partners. Upon completion of the loading process and up to the final delivery point, product transport is continuously monitored to avoid any deviations from the original shipping schedule.

Our new-generation fleet of vehicles is manned with drivers who are highly experienced in the traffic conditions of European roads. The transported loads cover a wide range of products and are divided in the following categories: DRY, CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE and SPECIAL LOADS (which require special permits for their transport).

Land Trasport Services

Our capacity in carrying dry loads is almost unlimited. Our trucks operate on scheduled routes covering the whole of the EU, while the drivers’ contact with the operational coordinators is continuous and immediate.

Full Loadings (FCL)

Our company has the capacity of loading full loads from and to all of Europe, offering minimum delivery times and competitive prices.

Groupage Loadings (Groupage -LCL)

Groupage dry load transports are scheduled weekly with regular routes to and from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, the Balkans and Eastern European countries. The possibilities of collection and delivery are multiplied with the cooperation of our representatives in these countries. The collection of loads and their deliveries can also be made directly through our company’s distribution center, which is located in Avlonas, ​​Attica, and has an organized transport network.

Another important ​​activity sector is the transport of food products in preservation or freezing temperatures. By following the strictest specifications for maintaining indicated temperatures, we ensure the excellent quality of the products.

Full Loadings (FCL)

Scheduled weekly refrigerator truck departures to and from many European countries (France, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy) are carried out on a regular basis. To transport the products we use refrigerator trucks with freezing or preservation temperatures, as well as bi-temperature refrigerator trucks, which have the capacity to simultaneously conserve products in preservation and freezing temperatures in the same compartment.

Groupage Loadings (Groupage -LCL)

Our continuous involvement in the groupage loadings sector to and from all over Europe ensures our high level of expertise in this area. The company’s edge in the market lies not only in our competitive prices but also in the assured quality of our transport services for perishable products.