Customs Brokerage Services

The Customs Clearance Department is manned with appropriately qualified and experienced personnel, guaranteeing a fast, secure and efficient way of executing the customs clearance process.

The range of functions of this section includes all aspects of customs clearance, imports, exports, processing, transshipments, savings, Special Consumption Taxes and other procedures.

In addition to customs clearance arrangements for imports and exports, the department also deals with processing, transshipments, savings, Special Consumption Taxes and other procedures.

The company is a holder of the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate (AEO) CUSTOMS SIMPLIFICATIONS/SECURITY AND SAFETY (PERMIT NUMBER GRAEOF00401901911).

The Authorised Economic Operator institution has been in place in all EU Member States since January 1st, 2008, under the provisions of community law.

An “Authorised Economic Operator” is an economic operator which, in the course of their business, is involved in activities governed by customs legislation and is credible throughout the Community in the context of the customs transactions they execute and is therefore entitled, if they meet certain criteria and conditions, to enjoy certain benefits throughout the Community.

This certificate is issued to any economic operator established in the Community and fulfilling the criteria of customs compliance, appropriate bookkeeping standards, financial solvency, appropriate security and safety standards, that wishes to take advantage of all the benefits provided to AEOs.

AEOs enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fewer physical checks and document checks
  • Priority in cargo handling if selected for inspection
  • Selecting the place where the checks are carried out
  • Easier to be subject to customs simplifications
  • Improving relations with customs authorities
  • Recognition as a secure business partner