In Haikalis Trans S.A. our primary principle and commitment is to provide our clients with reliable services, which fully meet their demands and expectations, while being in absolute compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our personnel, in its entirety, strive towards this goal.

To accomplish this, we have developed and are operating a Quality Management System that fully meets the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 and we provide all the necessary resources for its operation. The effort for the continuous improvement of the System’s efficacy is one of our basic commitments.

The company’s management, through scheduled and unscheduled meetings it holds to review the system, has determined measurable, objective goals for quality improvement, consistent with the present policy, which it continually monitors and adapts, using appropriate indicators so that their adequacy and effectiveness are ensured. At the same time, we review the appropriateness and, if necessary, revise the present policy so that it remains always up to date and in line with the operational, technological and legislative developments.

Our general goals in the implementation of the System are:


  • Establishing stable, long-lasting relationships with our clients, suppliers and partners, working for the common interest.
  • The selection of appropriate people, technical resources, procedures and methodologies to increase the quality of the services provided.
  • Reliable and timely implementation of our services within the specified time and cost limits.
  • Continuous investment in the development of specialized solutions that meet client requirements and expectations.

Achievement of goals

In order for us to achieve our business goals, the involvement and initiative of our entire personnel is considered vital. Our personnel’s opportunities to express their opinions and make specific improvement suggestions are guaranteed and considered of great importance for the upgrading of our operations and for the enhancement of the spirit of inter-company understanding and cooperation.

In this context, the company continually educates its personnel by including all employees in a permanent cycle of continuous improvement so that they may meet the demands and expectations of clients, suppliers, partners, and everyone who might have a legitimate interest in our operation.

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